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submitted by: Craig Jungels
Lessons I Learned from Coach Gillespie
By Tom Kennedy

1. Leave the locker room cleaner than when you found it when you entered. Lesson: paying attention to orderliness and good manners.

2. Don’t show emotion – when you do something well…or poorly.
Lesson: it shows that you are disciplined and in control.

3. You don’t have to go first class to be first class.
Lesson: conduct yourself as if you have class.

4. Never quit learning; get better each day.
Lesson: we can share our best coaching techniques and practices with our colleagues. By the time they catch on, we will continue to be ahead.

5. The most important person/athlete is the one you are talking to.
Lesson: don’t talk about yourself, spend most of your time asking about the other person.

6. Whether you’re coaching at Notre Dame or at Boys Club, it’s teaching young people. One is no more important than the other.
Lesson: we are doing it for our players, not simply advancing ourselves.

7. Always respect your opponent and your players; don’t embarrass anyone. Lesson: the integrity of good sportsmanship and collegiality come first.

8. Show optimism when you are behind, caution when ahead.
Lesson: don’t get cocky when your team is in front, be supportive to your team when you face adversity. Things can turnaround quickly.

9. Show pride in yourself in the way you present yourself.
Lesson: good manners, physical appearance, and clothing give out messages to others.

10. You are always expected to be loyal, passionate, and truthful.
Lesson: basic human qualities are the foundation upon which everything else is built.

11. You can measure some abilities with radar guns and stop watches, but there is no instrument to measure “heart.” Lesson: intensity, focus, and desire overcome many talent deficiencies and can inspire the rest of the team.

These lessons can be applied to field other than athletics as well. A good manager or supervisor is also a good coach.
...Not many days go by without my reflecting on a lesson learned from a truly great coach,man and a friend.
Mike Larsen
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